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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs



The surface of your driveway & backyard is an important part of your landscape because it provides the opportunity to give your guests and neighbors a great first impression of your home.

A well-designed driveway will take into account the surrounding landscape as well as your home’s architectural style. Additionally, the width and layout of your driveway will impact how accessible your home is. There are a variety of layout options for residential driveways you can choose from to accommodate your needs.

Steps & Elevated Patios

Steps serve a primarily functional purpose, however it also acts as medium between two surface areas. Steps and elevated patios help to diversify the overall design, adding depth to what may seem dull. Here at Taishan we take pride in our craftsmanship of steps. We offer a variety of designs to suit your needs and creative ideas.


Retaining Walls & Garden Beds

Retaining walls are typically a designed structure that holds soil on one side and is free-standing on the other. They are an attractive solution to accommodate grade changes in a landscape with uneven topography. Retaining walls can also be used on leveled ground to raise living spaces and create a more useful area. 


Natural Stone Installation

The walls are the most visible aspect of a home. Old bricks, and water stained concrete does not make a good impression, natural stone is the easiest way to make a home appear newer and more aesthetically pleasing.

Project Design

Good projects requires good plans. Here at Taishan we have a dedicated design department focused on designing and replicating the final result for the customer. Not only does this ensure no misunderstandings, designs can also be easily visualized, allowing the client to choose options.


Fence & Deck Installation

The old expression “Good fences make good neighbors” is true, but it’s only half the story. This refers strictly to perimeter fences that surround a homesite. Fences play a more diverse role in landscaping where they help solve problems and create opportunities within a homesite. These interior fences may be called “partitions” because they work just like walls indoors to enclose a space such as a swimming pool vegetable garden. But partition fences also help to define space in a more open way, improve home site safety, and control views.

Adding a deck is one of the top five home improvement projects when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck and recovering the costs when you sell your home (according to the 2009-2010 Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report).

Pool Filling & Basement Waterproofing

When it rains, it pours. The common fear of homeowners is waking up to a water-filled basement. This is a common issue with older-homes, luckily this is something that can be fixed. Taishan specializes basement waterproofing, we have a perfect track record of successful patches. 


Excavation & Resurfacing

Taishan priotizes efficiency, we offer excavation and resurfacing services. We have a fleet of capable excavation machinery, that can get the job done with haste yet precision.

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