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About Us

We Build for People

Taishan Construction

The history of Taishan may be tracked decades back to Shandong, China. Craftsman have resided there for numerous centuries, honing their skills in creating extraordinary settings. Taishan unites the past with the present, we preserve the generationally past down craft of landscaping while ensuring the client is met with ease and a modernized approach.


Here at Taishan, we understand the importance of trust. We naturally have a relationship with our clients and partners. Longevity is our goal, we treat all of our clients and partners as family.


Taishan has been officially offering landscaping services since 2012. Our team is competent and experienced to take on any job.


Accountability is key, Taishan is fully transparent with clients to ensure a seamless project. Corners are never cut with us.

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

The greatest joy is too see our clients faces light up after a job is completed to their liking. This is what motivates us to innovate and enhance our services to perfection. Nothing is better then having a creative idea become reality. Happiness is found in many forms, but nothing beats family. Our mission is to not simply laying bricks, but creating a safe haven for each of our clients and their respective family members.

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